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Lo & Behold celebrates contemporary Kiwi culture. We publish features, profiles, fashion editorial, interviews, reportage, photo essays, sound, podcasts & video across online & social. 

Have a story to tell?

We’re always on the lookout for inspiring and unique Kiwi stories. Check out the website for examples of the stories we publish and our distinct style. Feel free to reference an archive story when pitching.

What's your point of view? Stories and people with a unique Kiwi feel will grab our attention first. Please state this clearly in your pitch. Keep it short and sweet but don’t leave out the important details. Condense your pitch into a headline and blurb. Keep in mind who or what you would like to cover and why you are the right person to do it. Are you allowed to do this? When will you be able to deliver the piece? 

Send ideas not completed stories. Lo & Behold commissions and publishes original content. If a version of your story has been published elsewhere, please tell us how you would make it unique to Lo & Behold. We want to collaborate and help you build your story. 

Stories are we looking for

Profiles: Interesting characters shaping Kiwi culture today – artists, designers, activists, filmmakers, photographers, skaters, surfers, independent doers of all kinds in our key categories: music/fashion/culture/rush. What makes these people interesting?

Photography Essays: Visual storytelling that shines a light on on contemporary Kiwi culture. We’re especially interested in New Zealand stories and underground scenes. Please consider accompanying text and include information about what access you have to the subjects.


The best way to kickstart a relationship is to send story ideas, not just an introductory email. Describe the stories you have access to and attach a few low res images of your work. Please do not send unsolicited WeTransfer files, large zip folders or huge attachments.


Drop us an email anytime – but please include story ideas in the form of a headline and blurb from the get-go and links to recent published work. The sooner we can understand what you like to write about, the sooner we can collaborate.

Fashion Teams

Completed fashion editorials will unfortunately not be considered for a Lo & Behold release.  It starts with a pitch.  Show us your fashion editorial idea, including fashion mood-boards and the details of your proposed team and we will help make it happen.  


Lo & behold commission's original video content. We are open to co-producing films with independent filmmakers. If you have a story idea that you’d like to be considered, please send your idea before production is underway. Include a brief treatment (no more than a single page) and details on access and timings.


Completed projects that have already been published will unfortunately not be considered for a Lo & Behold release.

Terms - Please refer to Lo & Behold's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before undertaking a commission for Lo & Behold.

Email - Send all feature pitches to the following email, using the words FEATURE PITCH in the subject line:


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