music | 28th march 2017

This year’s WOMAD lineup was full of powerful female artists, with our top picks being Welsh band 9Bach, Australian roots artist Nattali Rize and local duo The Swan Sisters. In this podcast, Music Editor Gussie Larkin talks to these four powerful wahine about their ideas around femininity, creativity and diversity.


interview & words: gussie larkin

photographs & video: ezra simons


Once a year Taranaki is swarmed by mobs of sensibly dressed world music enthusiasts for WOMAD - the festival celebrating music and dance from Lyttelton to Lithuania. Armed with SPF50 and portable cheese boards, this year’s 18,000 festival goers were treated to a diverse lineup - from rocksteady royals The Specials to the queen of Malian Wassoulou, Oumou Sangaré.  From the eclectic lineup to the festival’s many recycling and composting stations, WOMAD prides itself on creating an inclusive and environmentally conscious event. 


listen to the podcast here:

Lisa Jen - 9Bach

Lisa Jen - 9Bach

"what I love in other women is them being themselves."

"the minute you have that confidence in being you, i think then we can move on to not try and be like anyone else." - lisa jen, 9Bach

Amy Grace - The Swan Sisters

Amy Grace - The Swan Sisters

"I can't believe this is me at work - you know what I mean? Roaming around WOMAD and being so incredibly inspired and motivated by these people from all over the world."

"The idea of being in one place with like minded people, quite extravagant people or very open and free people...It's wonderful." - Amy Grace, The Swan Sisters 

Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize

"i'm humbled to be around musicians who come from tougher conditions than I had growing up and who've gone forward to inspire thousands and thousands or people around the planet. that's cool."

"whether I like you as an artist is not because of your gender - it's because of your energy." - nattali rize

Inna Modja

Inna Modja



9Bach: Soundcloud

Nattali Rise: Soundcloud

The Swan Sisters: Bandcamp



9Bach: FaceBook

Nattali Rise: FaceBook

The Swan Sisters: FaceBook



9Bach: @9Bach

Nattali Rise: @Nattalirize

The Swan Sisters: @theswansistersduo



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