in deep.

Half man, half seal, Bryce Wilson has been quietly bobbing around in our local lineups and regularly heading over to Hawai'i to craft his own unique take on surf photography. Here Bryce takes us through his 10 favourite shots & gives us an insight into the dedication it takes to create images of substance...view


For Ōtepoti photographer & surfer Ted Black, surfing in his adopted city of New York is one of the strangest surf-cultures he has experienced...view

sunshine & sand

We catch up with Greg Straight, an illustrator and graphic designer who is influenced by the ocean which stems back to his childhood...view

destination north

Northland, a place that feels like you are going back in time. A place where the locals are welcoming. The children grow up without helmets doing skids with whatever wheels they can get their hands on. The water is clear and the sun blazes all day long.  Anthony Green takes us on a trip up north...view

staying salty

Wellington isn't the easiest place to surf. The fickle swell, cold water, incessant wind and geographic location make it tricky at the best of times.  In this regular video series we find out how Wellingtonians stay salty when there's no surf.  First up is local gurfer Christina

mein as

Jake Mein is a name usually associated with 360 flips and 50-50 grinds. But this photographer hailing from the mainland is no one-trick pony - as his other work hands down attests too. We catch up with Jake and get his McTwist on the NZ skate scene and photography in general...view

waves of consequence

Russell Ord is on a mission. To photograph the perfect wave. He recently moved to NZ, and we caught up with him to get his perspective on big waves and find out what it’s like to stare down the barrel of Cyclops...view

water woman

We take a deep dive with underwater photographer Amber Jones as she gives us the low-down on her 10 favourite photographs...view

staying salty two

In our latest Staying Salty video feature we catch up with Jack Candlish of Organic Dynamic to discuss his high performance wooden surfboards made from NZ timber and recycled polystyrene. Talk about being good for the ocean!

burning desire

In our latest RUSH feature we explore automotive hellfire and brimstone with Takapuna born photographer and petrolhead Simon Davidson...view

patterns & rhythms

We recently headed up to Whangarei to catch up with multidisciplinary creative & surfer Brett Hulley to see what all the hammering in the forest was about...view

ride to burt munro

Holy shit NZ has some awesome scenery!  and there is no better way to experience it than on a motorbike. Photographer Sean Aickin rides a Harley the length of Aotearoa, from Auckland to Invercargill, to attend the Burt Munro Challenge...view

liquid soul

We sat down to chat with Hannah Jensen, a multi-disciplinary artist who is inspired by the ocean and unique New Zealand landscape. She is best known for her amazingly intricate carved work, achieved by applying layers of paint to board before employing traditional printmaking techniques like intaglio, etching and carving...view