music | 4 october 2017

roger shepherd, the man behind new zealand's iconic flying nun record label, recently released his much anticipated memoir, 'in love with these times'. In this video, gussie larkin catches up with him to discuss the book and get to the bottom of ‘the dunedin sound’.


video produced by lo & behold

interview: gussie larkin

camera: russell kleyn     edit: gussie larkin


The Chills, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, The Clean, Chris Knox and the Tall Dwarfs, The Bats... All of these classic Kiwi bands owe their existence in large part to one man;  Roger Shepherd. Flying Nun was born from the realisation that all these local bands he loved, really needed their own record label.

In this video, Gussie Larkin catches up with Roger Shepherd and he explains why he decided to write a memoir, how chaotic and crazy Flying Nun was in the early days, and why ‘The Dunedin Sound’ doesn’t really describe what was happening at all. It’s a unique look at the man behind one of the most innovative and original record labels of the modern era. 

"I wanted to be more than just an observer. I wanted to be a part of what was going on. I had told someone and the word was out, and now I had to actually do this thing. Start a record label."

"Surely the label with the highest quality output per capita in pop history." – Guardian UK.

"Something inexplicably special happened in the Southern Hemisphere a quarter of a century or so ago, the ripples still rumbling, and without it, all the music you love today would sound ever so slightly, and indefinably, different.” –British comedian Stewart Lee.


Featured Video Soundtrack: Johnson's Street by Surf Friends (Flying Nun Records)

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