rush | 16th march 2017

Holy shit NZ has some awesome scenery!  And there is no better way to experience it than on a motorbike. photographer sean aickin rides a harley the length of Aotearoa, from auckland to invercargill, to attend the burt munro challenge.


words & photographs: sean aickin


Jay: Bro, wanna ride Harley-Davidson's from Auckland to Invercargill, sink some piss and take some photos of it all??
Me: Yeah!
Jay: Oh and Harley-Davidson will give you a brand new bike to ride, you keen?

I’m pretty new to bikes (I got my full license 3 weeks before we did this ride) and so it still terrifies me, but the fear is what makes me do it. It’s a lazy way to get an adrenalin rush. You’re exposed, the ground is just there (you can reach out and touch it, but I wouldn’t recommend it) when it rains you get wet. You ride through a swarm of bees it hurts. Simply sit down and hold the fuck on.


For the most part you’re alone in your own little world. But occasionally your mate might ride up beside you, and while you can’t speak (you might try before remembering it’s pointless) you experience the moment.


When you stop on a bike trip you may sometimes find other motorcyclists, and will inevitably end up talking to complete strangers about the inner workings of their bikes. And that’s why Movember and Harley-Davidson asked us to tear up the length of the country on brand new conversation starters to get men talking about their health and encourage them to check in on their ‘buddy’.


Bragging has to wait for the pit stops. And by then the gaps between the cars were smaller and the fish were bigger.


Sometimes you just gotta go



The posse.
Auntie Annie (posing like Usain Bolt) was in charge of making sure we turned up where we were supposed to. Jay is the Harley-Davidson Ambassador however, without a Full Motorcycle license, he had to ride the Learner Approved 2016 Harley-Davidson Street 500. A guy his size shouldn’t ride it to the dairy let alone Auckland - Invercargill.


2016 Harley-Davidson Street 500 in Superior Blue.


Holy shit NZ has some awesome scenery!  And there is no better way to experience it than on a motorbike.



Arthurs Pass viaduct - pretty mind-blowing!




Culminating in Invercargill we arrived in time for the Burt Munro Challenge. Unfortunately all I got to see of it was the beach race, it was absolute mayhem. Not many countries would celebrate a true hoon like Burt Munro. Fewer still would encourage others to join in and keep the legacy going.



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Sean Aickin: @seanaickin_photo



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