jaggers x lines

Self-proclaimed alt-pop weirdos Jaggers x Lines (Eliana Gray & Morgan Smillie) are set to release their debut album ‘Burn Cycle’ on the 28th of September, and have haphazardly dropped four singles in the months leading up to the big release. Writer Waveney Russ invites the duo over for tea in Dunedin...view

true north

Auckland born Joey Bania was recently in Kenya shooting a documentary, when he got chatting to his producer who is usually a sound recordist. He shared some music with Joey including the track 'Desires' by North. Joey loved it so much he offered to shoot a music video for the song on the spot. We're proud to premiere it here...watch

the voice

Waikato raised, Sydney based director Alex Bradshaw travels the world shooting hip hop docos. We get his low-down on how this form of musical expression gives people a voice, and how that voice differs depending on where you are in the world...watch

roger that

Roger Shepherd, the man behind New Zealand's iconic Flying Nun record label, recently released his much anticipated memoir, ‘In Love With These Times’. In this video Gussie Larkin catches up with him to discuss the book and get to the bottom of ‘The Dunedin Sound’...watch

songs sung, deep & sweet

Nadia Reid recently braved Europe’s frigid winter to woo the continentals with her sonorous voice and intimate, melodic brand of folk. Carter Imrie-Milne was fortunate enough see her perform in the dimly lit belly of a handsome red boat parked in Rotterdam’s harbour...view

gulls - renee

Dunedin folktronica artist Gulls (aka producer Adam Stewart) has unveiled a hazy, nostalgic video for ‘Renee’, the first track off his debut EP. See it first here on Lo & Behold!...watch

my space - élan vital

Elan Vital make feeling cold seem pretty damn cool. The Dunedin based trio, made up of Renee Barrance, Danny Brady and Nikolai Sim make cold-wave synth-pop straight from the bottom of the world. we caught up with them at the impossible-to-heat None Gallery, where they’ve been recording their debut album, Shadow Self...read


Solo experimental pop artist Indi recently lifted the lid on her debut album, Precipice. Gussie Larkin chats to Indi about the past year & whats on the horizon for 2018...view

wahine of womad

In this L&B PODCAST, music editor Gussie Larkin talks to four powerful wahine about their ideas around femininity, creativity and diversity...listen

off record on court - randa

“Musicians want to be ballers and ballers want to be musicians.” In the on-going series, “off record on court”, Mate Vella tries to de-bunk the myth that musicians are good at sports by beating New Zealand artists in a game of h.o.r.s.e!  in the first installment, he travels to Nixon Park to meet up with Auckland based hip-hop artist Randa...view

nick cave - wellington

"You don’t just simply dabble in a bit of Cave, you’ve got to go all in. that was the feeling i got from standing in the pit on Tuesday night, waiting for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to take the stage" Gussie Larkin reviews the Wellington show...view

wurld series - caught live

In the corner of Aunty Mena’s, Cuba Street’s most fluorescently lit and tastiest vegan joint, sit four hungry, bleary eyed people, flipping aimlessly through the restaurant’s vast menu...read

my space - onono

The freakishly talented multi-instrumentalist Jono Nott shows us around his secluded spot at the Truby King Estate in Melrose...read

i'm x and this is my y - james paul

Groeni guitarist James Paul introduces Gussie Larkin to a couple of his work horses... watch

words as weapons

Tali Williams unapologetically combines music and activism to channel her staunch political views into gut wrenching lyrics. With her latest band Human Resource about to head to Melbourne, Tali & Vera Williams have a sisterly heart to heart about growing up in the Wellington hardcore scene, being a fierce front woman and changing the world one song at a time...view

my space - wax chattels

Wax Chattels are testing the limits of audiences with their “guitarless guitar music” - think ear splitting drums, punishing time signatures and spiteful lyrics. The Auckland based trio showed Gussie Larkin around their tiny practice space on K Rd...view

my space - whim

With its high ceilings, wooden floors and all the natural light you could wish for, the house is a dream space for creative peeps looking to start something new. Deanne however, prefers the darkness of the basement. Venture below ground level of the 'Coromandel Mansion'...view

astro children's top 5 haunts

On our recent trip to Dunedin we caught up with shoegaze two-piece band Astro Children. They have lived in the city their entire lives - so they know what’s up. On a typically blustery summer afternoon, they showed us around their five favourite haunts...view

maple syrup - stray

Wellington grunge-pop band maple syrup have revealed a hazy, lo-fi music video for ‘stray’, the first single from their upcoming album. See it first here on Lo & Behold!...watch

my space - womb

Valley dweller Charlotte Forrester, who makes music under the name WOMB, comes here to gather thoughts and energy to channel into her sonic offerings... find out more about the space that inspires her here....read

album premiere - onono

multi-instrumentalist ONONO has emerged with his debut album, Bad Posture, premiering exclusively on Lo & Behold!...listen

pillow talk - girlboss

Wellington's Lucy Botting of the band Girlboss chats to Gussie Larkin about what she's been up to, and strums a bedroom jam just for you... listen