plastic flowers

Kitschy fake flowers in acid greens and silky hoodies in baby blues, textile designer Elise Brimer embraces colour clash like no other. Lara Daly caught up with the crafty young designer to talk about her latest collection...view

beach nights

She's a beach girl and we are friends.

Sam Croskery catches up with Zoey Radford Scott & Megan Alexander on his annual migration south...view


For videographer Tristan J. Brooks and fashion designer Melina Askew their gravitation to the New Zealand coastline for their collaborative fashion film SALINE, could only be pure

alannah & oscar

On what feels like the first day of spring on the South Island, we catch up with two of NZ's nicest models Alannah & Oscar at home in Lyttleton...view

dusty gold dreams

Tāmaki photographer Frances Carter teams up with Tautahi Subritzky & Princess Richard to shoot Charlee & Polena...view

fresh five

They’re the ones testing boundaries of colour and prints, structure, gender, and handmade processes – now that deadlines are over, Lara Daly caught up with five stand-out young designers worth keeping your eye on...view


Concept store for independent fashion - The Service Depot, teamed up with artist Gina Kiel & photographer Russell Kleyn to create a collage mirage with some of its hottest local & international brands!...view

china & rain

Auckland's Katayanagi twins come down to Wellington for a playdate...view


Photographer russell kleyn teams up with stylist Brent Paye to shoot street-cast new face Meade Esau in Wellington's eastern suburbs, with rad hair & make-up by Lara Daly... view

limbs & flesh

Using her self-taught skills and with the support of photographer Megan Alexander, Rosie Murdoch managed to create, shoot and present a five look collection within two short weeks...view


Broken glass & twisted steel, we head out to Upper Hutt with new face Alice behind the wheel!..view

brent & bevin

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the Paye siblings to have a chat about their newest collections, and how family and culture plays a big part in what they produce...view


Keep Warm. Zoey Radford Scott x new face Rune Benzon...view

grainy day hues

Photographer Evangeline Davis teams up with Hannah Jenson & Lara Daly on an analogue adventure to capture model Rosemeri in filmic fashion...view


With creative talent home for the summer holidays, it is a great time for fashion teams to catch up & create. Stylists Brent & Nahrin team up with hairstylist Benjamin James, make up artist Lara Daly and photographer Russell Kleyn to shoot Faye Nielsen...view

brooke bay

Fresh back in town from a stint in New York, stylist Zoey Radford Scott teams up with photographer Russell Kleyn to shoot new face Brooke on Wellington's south coast...view

jpalm - discordia

Fashion designer Julia Palm shows us her new video Discordia and tells Lara Daly about her new JPALM collection and upcoming move to the

time traveller

He drops in and out of town without you noticing. He's been here before you were ever around and will visit again after you're long gone...

Mikka the Time Traveller by Zoey Radford Scott...view

she's a vision

Always dressed for the last days of disco, one look from those piercing eyes could draw anyone to the dance floor. she stood by her one rule, "when all else fails, throw on some glitter and work the room" Check out our latest beauty feature!...view

car boy 

Zoey Radford Scott & Russell Kleyn team up to shoot Wellington boys Hunter & Clinton...view


What does beauty mean to you?  Lara Daly chats to new face Wumi Amokeodo about perceptions of beauty, body positivity & growing up...view

grace & yohanis

Mahurangi Mindstreaming... Frances Carter & Cherry Kim take a trip up north to the Mahurangi Cement Works to shoot Grace & Yohanis...view

crystal gazing

Looking into the future, Frances Carter & Cherry Kim team up to shoot a crystalized day dream...view


Introducing new face Jessy Lewis showcasing looks from East London's Mother Of Pearl, alongside other international designers from new Wellington store No.16...view

ayan & ayak

Photographer Samuel Croskery beams in from shanghai to join stylist Zoey Radford Scott on a sporty sci-fi trip out to the Pinnacles to shoot models Ayan & Ayak...view