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Northland, a place that feels like you are going back in time. A place where the locals are welcoming. The children grow up without helmets doing skids with whatever wheels they can get their hands on. The water is clear and the sun blazes all day long.  

words: anthony green

photos: anthony green and christina roberts


As for the surf, you are blessed with the proximity of the west and east coast and you can quickly move to where the surf is pumping. It’s the land of long white sandy beaches and peeling lefts that stretch to the horizon. Destination North is about a surf trip traveling to the tip of the North Island with some mates. The only plans were to gravitate with the swells, tides and sun.  

Photo: Christina Roberts

Photo: Christina Roberts

With the excitement of an empty car park we ran up the sand dunes and watched the sea from beneath the pine trees, I couldn’t help but let off a little hoot as I saw a small left peel and no one out. We finished the day sharing the waves with a pair of bottlenose dolphins.

Harry Mahoney, a frother from Christchurch who didn't care about the size as long as he could have some fun. He had such a neat style, full of flow as he gracefully cross-stepped up his board to the nose.

We slowly made the transition from the East Coast to the West Coast ending in the small town of Ahipara, which is famous for its long lefts. We parked on the beach and watched the micro surf peel beautifully.

Photo by: Christina Roberts

Photo by: Christina Roberts

Parked on the beach relaxing after a long day of driving, watching the local tamariki tear up the sand on motorbikes and quads pulling wheelies with no helmets or shoes.  

Toyota Prado converted into a camper-4wd with the aid of some  6 x 2 timber planks we used as the frame for the bed. The base was an old plastic camping table found in the garage which supported our airbed. We then draped some fairy lights over the back windows for the final touch.

I received a text from some mates saying they were half an hour away and sure enough, they arrived two hours later. We raced in convoy over the rock pools and soft sand to the next surf spot.

Elliott navigating the rock pools with his Longboard.  

The wind eased off and the conditions cleaned up with multiple lefthanders observed up and down the beach.

Elliott Cruising down the line

One of the best things for down times is a guitar, and one of the best things for a guitar is Christina.

We attempted to make a fire from any driftwood we could find, which was bugger all. It was pretty short-lived as the wood collection burned through fast.

Photo by: Christina Roberts

Photo by: Christina Roberts

We made a detour down to the end stretch of 90 mile beach. Driving the four wheel drives through a low stream, we slowly made it down to the sandy rugged coastline. It was like a scene from “The Endless Summer”, just missing the good waves.

The road north to Cape Rienga.

Taking the road less travelled, the boys walked along a rock wall with views down to one of the untouched beaches to the West.

With very limited access we could only fantasize about surfing those waves below.

Christina on a vintage log in Taupo Bay

Elliott’s 9ft yellow Mactavish single fin in the clear waters of Taupo Bay

We found a spot tucked in the sand dunes. A perfect place to camp and light a fire. With no one else around it was up to us to welcome in the New Year.

Photo by: Christina Roberts

Photo by: Christina Roberts

This was a low-key and remote New Year’s which made a refreshing change.



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