flying lotus

Michael Hobbs' quiet observational style of shooting video & photographs has us entranced. In our ongoing catch up's with Kiwi creatives overseas, 'Boofa' chats to us about yoga, India and a bit about life in his adopted city London. Watch his video 'There is no i in Rishikesh' here...view

chance encounters

We love seeing the world through the eyes of our favourite photographers. In our ongoing catch up's with Kiwi creatives based overseas, Robyn Daly shows us her Vietnam... and tells us a bit about life in her adopted city Melbourne...view

auto romance

Mathew Vickery's new photo-book, 'Residential Parking', investigates the role the car plays in our current lives, and the fading romanticism of owning one...view

te reo in schools?

Should Te Reo be compulsory in schools? Trinity Thompson-Browne opens up the conversation from a metaphorical perspective...view

something soon

Photographer Ch'lita Collins asked these young men an open question: "What do you want to see change?  Read about what they had to say...view

killing time

Think of it as an upgraded, clean form of Scientology. Charlotte Doyle reviews emerging artist Veronika Djoulai's debut Wellington show...view

evangeline davis - touchy

Recent Massey graduate Evangeline Davis has just won first place at the New Zealand Photobook Of The Year Awards for her book TOUCHY. Lo & Behold writer Lara Daly caught up with Evie at home in Wellington...view

the golden workout

The performance was sleek, full and captivating, rather than confronting. It was a seamless blend of her movements with the music, limited by the size of the plank...view

10 things I wish my friends knew about being Māori

 As a conversation that’s sorely needed for both Māori and non-Māori, I hope this helps and challenges

how to: journal

How do you start up a journal? We catch up with Holly Hunter, the founder & brains behind Aotearoa’s most playful arts & literary journal Mimicry...view

i am hopeful

'I Am Hopeful' is the first of a new series of 'one takes', featuring the talented and insightful Trinity Thompson-Browne. We'll be getting her take on a range of issues with a particular focus on Māori - all in one take!...view


Atlas Literary Journal offers a space for critical discussion about the health care system and its users. Here, founder Helen Ker speaks with collaborator Lily West on the formation of Atlas...view


What does beauty mean to you? Lara Daly chats to new face Wumi Amokeodo about perceptions of beauty, body positivity & growing up...view


Annaleese Jochem's new novel is a sunburnt psychological thriller of obsession and escape. You can hear an excerpt read by the author herself in this

a faraway click

Many Kiwi creatives end up abroad searching for something: new stimuli,  their roots, the love of their lives, a new career or simply fun. we catch up with photographer Sarah Burton in her new adopted patch...view

chch changes - part 2

Part 2 of our interview series with the people of Christchurch post

chch changes - part 1

As we come to terms with the latest shakes, we traveled down south and interviewed 8 people to find out what effect the Christchurch earthquakes have had on

herz aus glaz

When we first saw the exhibit featuring a broken glass window and a mashup of a Werner Herzog movie, we thought; What the fuck is this? What's going on with contemporary art? Why would anyone engage with this? But then we realised that is kind of the point. 'Heart Of Glass' is the latest exhibition by artists Isabella Dampney & Theo Macdonald at the enjoy gallery in Wellington...view


Jordana Bragg talks with artist Kauri Hawkins ahead of their trip to the inaugural Hobart Biennale in Tasmania, where they will be representing Aotearoa and the artist run initiative Meanwhile’...view

way out

We teamed up photographer Evangeline Davis with the brand new Fujifilm Instax SQ10 to shoot 8 of Wellington's brightest up & coming female creatives...view

how to: art gallery

How do you start up an art gallery? To find out we interviewed the curators from play_station and MEANWHILE; two new artist-run galleries with a distinct style and approach...view

the new animals

Pip Adam's cracking new novel looks at the fashion world from two distinct perspectives, exploring intergenerational tension and modern life with an unflinching eye. You can sample both points of view in the videos

excerpts - ashleigh young

We caught up with Wellington author Ashleigh Young who recently won a $165 000 literary prize from Yale! We asked her to read an excerpt from her new book 'Can You Tolerate This?' and also asked her a couple of questions... like what on earth are you going to do with all that money?

days of heaven

In our second catch up with Kiwi creatives based overseas,  photographer Emma Anderson takes us on a classic Americana roadie and tells us about life in her new chosen city...view

how to: slam poetry

We interviewed the talented and prolific slam poet Olivia Hall discussing her attraction to the spoken word, the growing poetry scene in NZ and why clicking your fingers at her performances is & read