fashion | 27 august 2017

on what feels like the first day of spring on the south island, we catch up with two of nz's nicest models alannah & oscar at home in lyttleton.


photographs & interview: russell kleyn

styling: alannah kwant & oscar bannan

make up: laura nicole simon

models: alannah at unique model management & oscar at n model management



Its a pretty dreamy life down here…. there’s something special about Lyttelton, aye? 
Alannah & Oscar: It’s hard to imagine feeling so at home anywhere other than Lyttelton.

Would you say it’s bohemian? or romantic?
Alannah & Oscar: Lyttelton attracts an eclectic mix of people who you’d class as minorities because they live on a different wave length to the rest of Christchurch. In that way it’s kind of bohemian but there’s nothing more romantic than a Lyttelton summer. You could romanticise everything about this town to be honest.


Alannah, you just turned 21, how did you celebrate?
Alannah: I have such a fear of birthdays, so this year I decided to buy myself a cake and let the day decide.


You two seem pretty tight friends, how long have you known each other?
Alannah: We met through mutual friends six years ago. A friend who knew Oscar from the internet had organised to hang out with him, and invited me as a safety net. Oscar and I have pretty much been joined at the hip ever since.

You both recently signed with Modelling Agencies in Auckland, how is that going?
Alannah: I’ve been signed with Unique Model Management for almost a year now. It’s unreal how far they’ve taken me in such a short space of time.
Oscar: N Model Management started representing me earlier this year and it’s all going well thus far. I managed myself for four or so years before getting scouted by my mother agent, MHI, and they got me signed with N. It feels like a good fit.


What do you think of Auckland?
Oscar: I haven’t really cracked it yet. In a strange way it feels both big and small.
Alannah: The ramen’s good.

Are you heading up to walk the line at this years NZFW?
Alannah: We’re up for 2 weeks for fittings, fashion week and any extra work we can score.
Oscar: It’s the first NZFW for both of us, and it feels really appropriate to be doing it at the same time. We even get to walk in a show together which will be groovy.


Would you consider yourselves ‘outsiders’ in the modelling industry?
Alannah: Yes and no. I think everyone feels like an outsider at some point in their modelling career, but at the end of the day we’re all in the same boat.
Oscar: I feel like a bit of an outsider in the New Zealand modelling industry because I don’t really have the New Zealand look. In saying this I feel like the look I’ve got going would be pretty commonplace in an international context. I don’t feel like too much of a dark horse though.

You both have very distinctive style, before you got into modelling, were you into fashion?
Alannah: I studied fashion throughout high school and went on to do a course at Polytech in Dunedin. I was planning to begin a degree in fashion when I decided to make modelling my priority. To be in the fashion industry is still my longterm goal.
Oscar: I was pretty much born with a passion for fashion. At age 4 I told my parents I wanted to be a shoe designer. At age 7 I was watching The Simple Life and recreating Paris Hilton looks after school. I feel like modelling is a good stepping stone to meet people in the field I hope to be in someday soon.

How do you keep busy when you are not taking on modelling work?
Alannah: I work in a department store in the city, and when I’m not there I’m getting up to some sort of mischief in Lyttelton.
Oscar: I’m working two jobs at the moment, one of which is at a boutique on High Street, just around the corner from Alannah. I moved out of home about three months ago, so I’m still milking the novelty of spending a lot of time in my beautiful new home. I’ve just started getting back into making art too.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
Our collaborative Spotify playlist’s current most played include:
Bubble – Babyfather
Death Grips’ ‘Fashion Week’ album
The Rip – Portishead
produk 29 [101] – Aphex Twin
Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ album
And, our ‘song’ is Dedicated To The One I Love by The Mamas and Papas

Lyttleton is a real hotbed of creative & musical talent. What was the last decent local band you saw here?
Alannah: The other week my boyfriend played a live set at a gig that a good friend of ours had organised at Lyttelton Coffee Company. It was really cool that other people got to hear what I get to listen to every night.
Oscar: Last Lyttelton gig I went to was one of Alannah’s boyfriends sets a few months back. But most recently I saw Motte, a Lyttelton artist, perform the other night at the Arts Centre in the city. She’s an amazing ambient violinist, she accompanied a video piece by a Canadian artist who spent three months documenting St Bathens.

What do you think of Aldous Harding’s new album 'Party'?
Alannah & Oscar: We’ve been itching for the album to come out since we saw her play late last year. It’s a banger. We rate it.


What book are you reading?
Alannah: We’re both reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. But I keep picking up a copy of Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger that a friend lent me.

Do you watch TV?
Oscar: Neither of us own a TV, and Alannah doesn’t have the internet at her flat, but we find ways to watch the new Twin Peaks every Monday.

What’s one question you’ve always wanted to ask each other?
Both: Will you marry me?



Alannah Kwant: @whatikwant at Unique Model Management: @uniquemodelmanagement

Oscar Bannan: @o2k7r at N Model Management: @nmodelmanagement_

Russell Kleyn: @russkleyn

Laura Nicole Simon: @lauranicolesimon



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